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Wallet app hints at imminent Apple Card iPhone installment plan launch




Apple as offered more details about how Apple Card Monthly Installments will function, where customers can buy an iPhone on an interest-free payment plan, with the information a possible sign of the feature’s imminent launch in the United States.

During the October conference call for Apple’s quarterly results, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed an upcoming feature for Apple Card where customers could buy a new iPhone from its stores. Under the program, customers will gain the usual 3% cash back on the purchase, while the 24-month installment plan would be interest-free and would be devoid of fees and other charges.

New text has been included in the Wallet app where customers pay their Apple Card balance, under the “Learn More” link. While the page explaining how Apple Card payments function has been there for quite some time, the extra information on the page first reported by 9to5Mac outlines the terms of the feature for consumers.

The page advises customers who sign up to pay for an iPhone using Apple Card Monthly Installments the minimum payment amount for the card will include the required monthly payment for the installment plan itself.

Reiterating how installment payments aren’t subject to interest, unlike other Apple Card purchases, customers are also able to make overpayments towards the installment plan itself. Contributing more money to a plan can help reduce the overall number of payments needed, however customers are still required to pay their regular installment plan payment the following month.

Users paying the total balance will do so for the total amount spent on Apple Card, which includes any remaining iPhone balance.

While the inclusion of the text in the Wallet app does suggest the feature could launch in the near future, it does not state exactly when it will be available to use. During the October conference call, Cook advised during his comments the feature would arrive “later this year,” rather than a more precise timetable.

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Tech News

Dafran explains why Overwatch League might “die completely”




Former Atlanta Reign star Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca has explained why the Overwatch League could “die completely”, following the announcement that it would be switching to being broadcast on YouTube. 

While Call of Duty fans awaited the announcement about where they could find the new franchise league being streamed, Activision Blizzard announced that it would be tying CoD, Hearthstone, and the Overwatch League together and handing the broadcast rights off to YouTube.

Seeing as fans have come to expect the games to be shown on Twitch, it represents a pretty significant change for the league ahead of its third season of competition. The original Overwatch League rights deal with Twitch was signed for two-years, and reportedly cost the Amazon-owned platform around $90 million, but nothing outside a “multi-year” agreement has been announced for YouTube.

An image of Dafran competing in the Overwatch League for the Atlanta Reign.
Robert Paul/Blizzard

Dafran played one stage in the Overwatch League before retiring.

However, while some may see it as a fresh start for the league, not everyone is all that positive. That includes Dafran who, during his January 26 stream, explained that the switch could have a devastating effect on the OWL. 

Responding to questions from his viewers about the switch, Dafran said: “Dude, we might get surprised – that’s a lot of normies on YouTube. Dude, there’s also a big chance that Overwatch League is just gonna die completely. I guess that’s a big chance, yeah, Overwatch League might just completely die dude. And when I mean dead, I mean 50k viewers.”

Yet, the popular Overwatch streamer wasn’t finished there, explaining his thoughts further on the matter as he waited for another match to get underway. 

“It’s a scary time for Overwatch League dude, with the move to YouTube is just, dude, MonkaS,” he said. “MonkaS dude. We’ll see.” (MonkaS is a Twitch emote of a worried looking Pepe the Frog.)

Of course, no one knows what the effect that the switch to YouTube will have on Blizzard’s established league until it happens and fans make up their mind on the change. 

As for the Call of Duty League, YouTube’s head of Gaming, Ryan Wyatt, was quite pleased with the viewing figures on day one, which peaked at just under 90,000 viewers, an improvement on day one of the 2019 season.

For the Overwatch League, the switch to YouTube could very well breathe new life into the league or, as Dafran says, it could die off completely. We’ll just have to wait and see once February 8 rolls around.

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