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Tech News10 mins ago

Using 99 Smartphones & Google Maps Artist Creates Virtual Traffic Jams

Berlin-based artist Simon Weckert is fascinated by the digital world and its impact on humanity. With his performance Google Map Hacks,...

Tech News42 mins ago

The WhatsApp safety warnings you need to know about

Nearly everyone is on WhatsApp these days but very few people actually take the time to make sure they are...

Tech News57 mins ago

China Blockchain Deployment Rises Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Please change your life!!! Click on the link! Can you afford this thing?: Software at the best prices: Amid the...

Tech News1 hour ago

The quest for reliable and predictable power answered

Courtesy: A South African producer of quality energy storage options since 2015, Solar MD has effectively been stepping up...

Tech News2 hours ago

Reason Why People Might NOT Love to Watch Diablo on Netflix After 2018 Disappointment to Blizzard Studios [VIDEO]

Reason Why People Might NOT Love to Watch Diablo on Netflix After 2018 Disappointment to Blizzard Studios   ( Screenshot...

Tech News2 hours ago

Andy Morris to Join Industry Experts to Discuss AI in Healthcare and Wellness

Austin Blockchain Collective, organizer of Blockchain and Digital Transformation in Health 2020, announced their educational event will be held in...

Tech News2 hours ago

Outward ‘The Soroboreans’ DLC announced

by Adam Vitale, 18 February, 2020 Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio have announced the first paid DLC pack for...

Tech News3 hours ago

Building a 2020 Tech Vision

Much attention has been paid to the consumer technologies and digital media now disrupting the TV industry. Behind the scenes,...

Tech News3 hours ago

Metrology Tech position

So we were looking for an engineer to handle our metrology, loosely translated as measuring stuff. Using the 3D scanner...

Tech News3 hours ago

League of Legends: Faker extends his contract for three years, becomes partial owner of T1 Entertainment and Sports

Image Source: T1   Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the legendary Mid Laner of T1 has made a big announcement today. The...




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