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Superhot is funding third-party indie games like The Frog Detective (updated)



Superhot, the Polish game studio that made the hit virtual reality game Superhot VR, has announced it will publish fund and mentor third-party independent games, including The Frog Detective series and Knuckle Sandwich.

The Lodz, Poland-based Superhot company is creating a Superhot Presents funding initiative to “help great indie games get made.” The first to benefit from this are Grace Bruxner’s “charming mystery games” in the Frog Detective series, and the stylish role-playing game, Knuckle Sandwich, by Andrew Brophy.

The Frog Detective is a new series by Grace Buxner’s new studio Worm Club. The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game, is a game about a sloth that has been haunted for weeks by a mysterious ghost. The Frog Detective has to solve this mystery.

Knuckle Sandwich is a GBA-style RPG that combines fast-paced minigames with turn-based combat. The game is split into eight chapters, with each one being somewhere between 15 minutes to one hour.

Superhot VR

Above: Superhot VR.

Image Credit: Superhot Team

Using their knowledge, gut feelings and cold hard cash; the new initiative Superhot Presents is targeted at developers that don’t need or want a publisher. It offers starting or finishing funds with a healthy side of business mentorship and friendly advice.

Superhot’s objective is to put some money back into the industry to enable more independent developers to make more cool things.

“Ultimately, Superhot was created for the fans, and they helped fund us when cash was tight,” said Superhot’s Callum Underwood, in a statement. “Superhot Presents is our way of sharing with other developers the support we’ve had from our great community. We’re now opening our war chest and providing starting or finishing funds to those that pique our interests. Not publishing, just funding with a side portion of advice.”

The company said developers can get its attention at events or by tweeting @SUPERHOTTHEGAME with a spicy gameplay gif.

Updated at 8:25 am Pacific: Superhot said it will fund and mentor developers but will not be a publisher.

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