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Magia Record Weekly #8 [EN]



The Kazumix

Hello fellow Megucas! Welcome to Grief Seeds: your weekly update on all things Magia Record! This week brings happiness for a select few, and despair for many as we witness our first limited character. The Another Daze event has begun, staring spin-off manga protagonist, Kazumi. Kazumi marks the first time in Magia Record EN that a character will not be available in the premium Fate Weave during or following their featured banner, making her more sought after than most. Additionally, for those following the main story after last week’s cliffhanger, Episodes 3 and 4 of Chapter 5 are now available! Let’s do our best to help our new Kamihama visitors have a memorable time!

Kamihama Public Service Announcements

Following last week’s huge changes to the Daily Mission structure, this week has much less in the way of announcements. No bug fixes have been made, and nothing substantial has been changed with the user interface.

There are however a few shops closing this week. Both the Reaching a Happier Height event shop, and Destiny Bottle shop will be closing this Friday, the 16th. If you have any leftover Premium Rice from last week, or more importantly leftover Destiny Bottles, make sure to spend them before time runs out.

Ongoing Event

Our first “Boss Event” Another Daze starts this week, but before that let’s check in on Iroha’s journey!

Continuing from last week, Episodes 3 and 4 of Chapter 5 of the main story are now available! The story barrels forward with Episodes 5-7 of Chapter 5 releasing next week, and Another Story Chapter 5 releasing the week after!

Onto our main event, Another Daze! This is the first time Magia Record EN will be experiencing what is known as a “Boss Event”! Quests in these events are arranged as nodes on a world map. Each node has a specific mission to complete, such as defeating a certain number of enemies, dealing an amount of damage, or defeating a boss. There are 3 difficulties within each node for players to choose from, all of which contribute to that node’s main mission. In the later sections of Boss Events players will also encounter challenge nodes that offer a more difficult quest for better rewards.

Speaking of rewards, Another Daze comes packed with great items for players to earn through 3 different types of currency! Kazumi Medals are earned like past events, through completing event quests, and will have their yield affected by equipped event Memoria. A Flag is acquired each time a player completes an area’s mission, and finally Maps of the Heart are rewarded for defeating bosses. Each currency has its own corresponding shop, though the shops for Flags and Maps are very straightforward. The Flag shop is home to this event’s exclusive Magical Girl Umika Misaki, as well as all the materials needed to fully awaken her, increase her Magic, and level up her Magia! The Map shop offers players the 4-Star event memoria, but due to the limited number of available Maps, players won’t be able to purchase the Memoria until later in the event. Lastly, but certainly not least is the Kazumi Medal shop which mirrors the shops for previous events.

I recommend, as always, to first purchase the 3-Star event Memoria to increase the drop rate of Kazumi Medals. Once you have your desired number of event Memoria, the 10 Fate Weave Tickets, and 5 rainbow Orbs should be prioritized. This event shop also featured an array of often used awakening materials such as Plaque Cords, and Bunny Ear Cotton, so those should likely be high on each player’s priority list as well.

Another Daze will run until Thursday, August 22nd, with new event quests being unlocked periodically starting on the 14th.

Fate Weave

Her memory may be gone, but we have not forgotten her. Our first limited-time Magical Girl Kazumi is here!

Kazumi is a positively bewitching 4-Star Dark type Magical Girl, who packs a major punch, while also increasing the rest of her party’s damage output. She struts a particularly high ATK stat, as well as an offensive disc spread of Accele, Accele, Blast, Blast, Charge, making her a premiere damage dealer. The inclusion of a strong connect that increasing Blast damage (VII) of the target, and the ability to ignore enemy defenses means she doesn’t hog the spotlight. This allows her to support other Blast gorilla characters like Kyoko, and Yachiyo. Kazumi is one of the strongest Magical Girls currently available, and due to being time-limited, this will be your only chance for quite a while to add her to your roster.

Kazumi isn’t the only new Magical Girl joining us this week! Meet Kaoru, a 3-star Fire type Magical Girl, whose balanced stats, and varied discs has her destined to be a jack of all trades. Unfortunately, Kaoru is a master of none, and due to being a base 3-Star character, she doesn’t have high enough stats to fill any role very efficiently. Her connect is reasonable, granting ATK Up V, and DEF Up V to the target, making it an option on both damage dealers, as well as tanks. Though not the strongest option available, if your team needs a role filled, or an elemental weakness strengthened, Kaoru can be slotted in.


For fans of the spin-off materials within the Madoka Magica universe, Kazumi is a fan favorite, and welcome addition to the cast! Being our first limited-time Magical Girl makes her a worthy investment, but due to our uncertain future within the English version, players may opt to continue saving instead. Alluded to at the end of last week’s Grief Seeds, Tart may be coming sooner than we initially expected, but would they really release two limited-time Magical Girls so close together? In the meantime… That’s all your Grief Seeds for the week! Remember to keep those Soul Gems clean!

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

All photos in this article were taken directly from Magia Record on my own personal device and account.

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1994: The Year of the Game Changer | 25YL




25 Years Ago, in the world of video gaming it was, to put it mildly, a “fantastically exciting time” to be playing video games and to think to yourself “What is coming next?” “What will the next Mario game look like on a new next-generation console?”.

The year would have been 1994 at the time of writing this piece and we had been enjoying (and in some cases not) some of the most amazing games of all time during what I call the “16-Bit Era” of games. At least, in my opinion, that is. SEGA’s Mega Drive (Genesis for any American readers) had been a big success for its creators and went toe to toe with Nintendo’s Super Nintendo (Super Famicom if you happened to be in Japan).

Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive consoles from 1994

We had been treated to some astonishing games up until this point with the likes of Super Mario World, Sonic The Hedgehog 2 a few iterations of Street Fighter 2 (Turbo and Special Championship Edition’s, etc). We had Super Metroid, Super Soccer (ok maybe not that one!) and we had just got a glimpse of the future with games such as Star Wing (Star Fox for readers outside of Europe) and Virtua Racing. These showed the way with Polygons making the graphics we saw on screen whilst playing these games and things looked 3D…remember when 3D gaming was all the rage? I certainly do!

In the Arcades, we were starting to see games that would hit home consoles in the coming years. Big titles such as Ridge Racer which made Virtua Racing look very primitive and Tekken which made you think “If only Street Fighter 2 was like this!”. Then… we began to hear about some exciting “Super Consoles” that would appear on store shelves in Japan at the end of 1994. Those would be the Saturn from SEGA and a newcomer was about to enter the world of video gaming… Sony. The PlayStation would be in the hands of Japanese gamers by December of 94.

screen shot of Ryu vs Blanka in Street Fighter 2 on the SNES

Little did we know at the time the PlayStation would turn out to be a major big hit for Sony! Now some of the amazing looking experiences you had in the Arcades when you played the likes of Ridge Racer and Virtua Fighter were coming home on these new “Super Consoles”. In future articles, I will go into more depth about both the SEGA Saturn and Sony’s PlayStation. It would be a couple more years until Nintendo would release its challenger to what I call the “32-Bit CD-ROM Era”… the N64! The N64 wouldn’t follow what SEGA and Sony did and be a 32-Bit CD-ROM console, however, Nintendo stuck with Cartridges which at the time seemed a very odd thing to do especially given how much larger the games could be on a CD-ROM rather than a traditional ROM Cartridge. This, in my opinion, was a pretty bad move by Nintendo as it hampered Developers when it came to content. Often they would have to cut content out of the N64 version. 1 Such example that I knew back in the day was FIFA 98. Its play by play Commentary from the Legendary John Motson was incredibly limited when compared to the same game released on Nintendo’s competitor’s hardware.

Playstation 1, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 consoles

To finish up, it is unbelievable to think that the Sony PlayStation and SEGA Saturn are about to turn 25 years old at the end of 2019. Where has the time gone? What do you remember when someone mentions games from 1994? Did you remember hearing about the “Super Consoles”? Oh and RIP Commodore. They went bankrupt in April of 1994 and I remember being very sad as a young boy who spent a lot of his childhood playing games on a Commodore 64 and being wowed by the Commodore Amiga 500.

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