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Korea launches blockchain-based system of online transactions



블록체인 기반 공인인증서 “뱅크사인” 출시…발전 가능성은?
Buying items online used to be a real pain in the neck for many of us here in Korea,… because we were required to install various security programs and use a public certificate system.
So to make our lives a bit more easier,… banking authorities have launched new private certificates using the latest in…

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Tech News

Meyers: Digital Turbine – A Smartphone Software Company Doing The ‘Impossible’ – Digital Turbine, Inc. (NASDAQ:APPS)




Jeff Meyers of Cobia Capital has found an anomaly in the modern stock market: a company that’s growing revenues without sacrificing its profits.

Meyers told Real Vision’s Trade Ideas that he thinks the fast-growing software company, which brokers the placement of apps on smartphones, represents both a value play and a growth play.

As of last quarter, they had about a 13% EBITDA margin, which is up from basically zero last year. They are dedicated to leveraging their fixed costs, and they think they can get EBITDA margins 25% over a relatively short amount of time if they keep growing at the same pace.

Source: Bloomberg

Meyers said he expects that revenue growth to continue, citing big name partners like Netflix and Disney+, diversified revenue streams, no real competition, and 5G accelerating the smartphone upgrade cycle as evidence of strong upside potential.

“We think Digital Turbine has that kind of capability that they could outpace our expectations and that 13 [quasi intermediate price target] will turn into a 16 will turn into a 20. And we think there’s a lot of room left.”

The Trade

Meyers is bullish on Digital Turbine (NASDAQ:APPS) despite some general market risk.

He said if the market tanks, it’ll probably go down as well, but on a fundamental basis, as long as people keep buying phones and advertisers keep wanting space on those phones, the business is in pretty good shape.

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