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IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 133 has been released



IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 133 It is time for the next Core Update. Number 133! Another bug-fix release with many changes under the hood. As always, we recommend to install this update as soon as possible to benefit from the fixes and to help us keeping those coming and to support our developers, please donate now!

Toolchain Updates IPFire 2.23 – Core Update 133 many updates on the core libraries of the system. Various changes to our build systemare

This update brings many updates on the core libraries of the system. Various changes to our build systemare also helping us to build a more modern distribution, faster. The toolchain is now based on GCC 8.3.0, binutils 2.32 and glibc 2.29 which bring various bugfixes, performance improvements and some new features.

Although these might not be the most exciting changes, we recommend upgrading as soon as possible since this is essential hardening for backbone components of the user-space.

Disabling SMT – Intel’s Security Issues

Disabling SMT has also been fine-tuned. It is now also being disabled on systems that are vulnerable to “Foreshadow”. Probably all processors that are vulnerable to MDS are vulnerable to Foreshadow, too, so this won’t affect many systems, but it is more correct to do so.

Increasing throughput of the new Intrusion Prevention System

As announced before, we were working on increasing the throughput of the IPS. This is being shipped now with this update and integrates a library from Intel which is optimised to perform pattern matching very fast on huge data sets. Its name is hyperscan.

This library comes in multiple versions which are all shipped at the same time and is being compiled with support for various CPU instructions which are enabled when the hardware supports them. Those are for example AVX2, AVX and of course all of the SSE series.

By utilising those optimised instructions, the processor can process more data by executing only one instruction which is a lot faster. We are soon going to release benchmarks, but first tests have shown that larger systems are benefitting hugely from this and even some smaller embedded processors gain slightly.

IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 133 has been released 14

This feature is automatically configured and will always be enabled when supported.

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Another change on the IPS is coming from Tim Fitzgeorge who investigated that the IPS was occasionally dropping some packets which it was not meant to without logging. The rule generation was patched accordingly so that won’t happen any more and rules will automatically updated when installing this Core Update.

• A long-standing bug in adding fixed DHCP leases has been fixed. Those are now saved right away on the first click, but it is possible to edit the entry.
• An incorrect list of cipher suites was generated for IPsec connections when PFS was disabled. This updates fixes that and updates all connections with the correct settings.
• ddns: Some new provides have been added
• Package updates: bind 9.11.7, jansson 2.12, knot 2.8.2, linux-pam 1.3.1, monit 5.25.3, openssl1.1.1.c, rrdtool 1.7.2, squid 4.7, strongswan 5.8.0, wpa_supplicant 2.8


New Packages
• tshark A CLI version of Wireshark which is like tcpdump, but has better support for decoding captured packets.

Updated Packages
• hostapd has been updated to version 2.8 which fixes various security vulnerabilities and other bugs
• tor: some bugs that didn’t allow the service to start after the last update have been fixed
• wio: A problem which caused the IPFire system to unexpectedly shut down has been solved
• miau, an IRC bouncer, which was unmaintained since 2010 has been dropped


IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 133 has been released 15


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IPFire 2.23 - Core Update 133 has been released 15

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How’s it going everybody, Adrian Simple here from The Gaming Observer. It is July 17th, 2019, and Ubisoft just released their Q1 financials, so let’s take a look here. for links and a transcript.

The whole report is led by their net bookings, which is down 17% year over year, but is actually higher than their predictions. They originally forecasted €270 million, and they came about 45 million above that. Not only that, but Player Recurring Investments were close to 50% of the bookings, so they’ve got a lot of user investment, which is up 20% year-over-year. That’s a really good sign for Ubisoft, and that number will probably only go up with the announced Uplay+.

They credit their bookings to a couple of games here, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Rainbow Six Siege, and The Division 2. They called Siege “one of the industry’s top-ten best-selling titles over the last five years”, which is for any games sold at $60, so obviously it won’t include free-to-play games. That’s an interesting one, I can’t say I would have predicted that one. Obviously it has seen success thanks to the constant interest over the years, but there are a lot of titles that could pull that off that aren’t yearly releases. Look at the Nintendo games, or things like The Witcher 3, Destiny 2. I mean, they’re all probably in that stat as well, but I’d be curious to know where in the top 10 Siege would be. They call The Division 2 the best selling game since the beginning of the year, which probably makes sense. It would be competing with Kingdom Hearts III, Mortal Kombat 11, and probably Crash Team Racing if it had a bit more time.

Sales, which under IFRS is basically revenue, is down 9%. They didn’t have a runaway game this quarter, as you can see with 86% of their bookings being from the back-catalog, so this isn’t a bad stat at all.

CEO Yves Guillemot calls their fiscal year lineup the strongest in the last five years, which includes Rainbow Six Quarantine, Gods & Monsters, Watch_Dogs Legion, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. He’s probably right, I took a look at the last five years and I can’t say that one is definitely better. 2016-2017 is close, it had Trials of the Blood Dragon, Watch Dogs 2, AC: Origins, and For Honor. In terms of revenue though, it’s no contest.

In terms of predictions, they’re expecting a 15% downgrade on bookings, which is apt considering their lineup for Q2. They’ve got a whole bunch of DLC coming up, with two pretty minor releases. So they’re gonna ride on the 50% PRI this quarter, but Q3 and Q4 will be much better for them with the lineup they’ve got, and with the Uplay+ launch in September.

The only significant note in the breakdowns is that PC jumped up 10% this quarter, though that can be attributed to the Anno 1800 release. There was speculation that this may rise even more with Uplay+. Otherwise, things are pretty standard across regions and platforms.

Okay, so that is Ubisoft’s Q1 2019. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of content on the YouTube channel, and if you’d like to see more of it. I know it’s short, but it gives you an idea of where the company is at without having to do all of the research yourself. A big thanks to Brandon for supporting videos like this through Patreon. My name is Adrian Simple, see you tonight with the daily update, and happy gaming everyone.

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