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Gilas Pilipinas vs. Indonesia: Time, Live Stream for 2019 Southeast Asian Games | Bleacher Report



MANILA, PHILIPPINES - DECEMBER 07: Vic Manuel #4 of the Philippines shoots the ball against Phu Dwe Star #99 of Myanmar during the 5x5 Men's Basketball at the Mall of Asia Arena during day 7 of the Southeast Asian Games on December 07, 2019 in Manila, Philippines. (Photo by Annice Lyn/Getty Images)

Annice Lyn/Getty Images

Gilas Pilipinas remain on course to win a 13th consecutive basketball gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games, with the defending champions set to meet Indonesia in the semi-finals on Monday.

Front-runners the Philippines have clinched all but two of the 19 men’s basketball golds given out since 1977, while Indonesia are still seeking their maiden title after finishing as runners-up in 2015 and 2017. 

Rajko Toroman’s semi-final underdogs will face the Philippines after finishing second in Group B, recovering from an opening defeat against Thailand by beating Malaysia and Cambodia.

Hosts the Philippines topped Group A by one point after they won each of their three fixtures against Singapore, Vietnam and Myanmar, scoring a first-round high of 299 points along the way.


Date: Monday, December 9

Time: 8:15 p.m. local time/12:15 p.m. GMT/7:15 a.m. ET

Venue: Mall of Asia, Arena, Pasay, Philippines

Live Stream: TV5



Former Philippines head coach Tim Cone has done an excellent job of steering his side through their favourite competition since reassuming the role in September, and all signs point toward an 18th gold in 2019.

The home nation has been dominant in numerous events approaching the final days of the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, with a substantial lead at the top of the overall medal table as of Saturday evening:

With at least 39 gold medals more than any other country—including one in each of the men’s and women’s three-versus-three basketball events—the Philippines could take a clean sweep in this sport.

Indonesia look like one of the few nations who could pose a genuine threat to the reigning champions. They lost out by only eight points when they met the Philippines in the 2015 gold-medal match, though that deficit stretched to 39 points when they contested gold again in 2017.

Cone’s side thrashed Myanmar 136-67 in their final Group A game, the highest amount scored by any team in a single game during the first stage.

Matthew Wright and Vic Manuel each took starring roles in attack for the Philippines during that latest win, scoring 29 points and 24 points, respectively, per

Marcio Lassiter also contributed a lot for the hosts, netting 15 points and recording five assists, via ESPN5:

Indonesia saw four players score at least a dozen points in their 100-71 victory over Cambodia on Saturday, but the challenge of restraining the Philippines’ powerful lineup may be beyond their reach.   

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Ranking The Top 10 Video Game Collaborations & Crossovers




These Gaming Collaborations & Crossovers Changed Everything

Gaming collaborations and crossovers have changed the gaming landscape since the very beginning. When companies take a chance on each other and it pays off, magic is created and these are some of the most magical combinations of IP’s:

10 – Square & Namco

Ehrgeiz isn’t a recent title and it seemed under-appreciated and undersold on the original PlayStation, but it was one of those crossover fighting games that introduced characters from one series to fans of another. In this case, Namco fighting game fans were given access to Squaresoft characters such as Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart and Red XIII. You could pit these characters against each other to see which would win in a fist fight, or you could pit them against Namco characters such as Prince Doza, Lee Shuwen, or my personal favorite, “Yoyo” Yoko Kishibojin. Each character felt unique during a time where Mortal Kombat felt uninventive as opposed to their modern-day titles or the controversial original titles. Ehrgeiz was inspired by titles such as Marvel vs Capcom but was unable to inspire as much crossover potential for fighting titles due to the lack of exposure.

Gaming Collaborations

9 – Nintendo & Universal Studios

Nintendo themed areas will be coming to Universal Studios parks soon, starting with Universal Japan. Though they haven’t officially opened the first Super Nintendo Land, the theme park attraction has been teased in a recent trailer and various aspects of the park have been teased online. The parks will be mostly inspired by Mario imagery, with pipes, Goomba’s and Piranha Plants all over the place for Nintendo fans to gawk at. Considering the popularity of Nintendo in the late 80’s and early 90’s, something like this should have been done years ago, but it’s great to see the world of Nintendo coming to life in Universal theme parks now. The parks will include Nintendo themed rides, as you’d expect, but nothing has been made official as of yet. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing a Mario Kart themed ride in the future though.

8 – Pizza Hut & Everquest 2

Imagine a time where people had to go out and hunt for their own food. Now imagine a time where you could have it delivered, but it required using the phone. Now finally, imagine ordering your favorite pizza without having to leave your favorite game. This was the case during the mid-2000’s for Everquest fans, as Sony Online Entertainment and Pizza Hut solidified a UI option that allowed the ordering of pizza. All MMO gamers at the time had to do is type /pizza in the base game UI to get a pop-up menu for Pizza Hut, allowing them to have a fresh pie delivered to them without leaving Everquest 2. Truly an innovative way to enable laziness, Sony Online Entertainment found a way to streamline the ordering experience in a way that Skip the Dishes and Door Dash only dream to achieve.

gaming collaborations

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