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Fresno business takes mobile gaming to the next level



Shel Moore stands outside the Epic Games2Go trailer. Photos by Edward Smith

published on August 14, 2019 – 2:31 PM
Written by Edward Smith

The arrival of Fresno’s first video game trailer promises to put a new twist on mobile gaming when the traveling gaming hub comes to your next party.

Epic Games2Go came online in June as a way to join up to 20 players at once inside a truck available to rent for parties, events or corporate meetings.

The seven TV screens and four consoles for each screen can play a host of video games for everyone from children to adults.

Five screens on the inside are separated by isolated sound bars for LAN parties or even watch parties, said co-owner Shel Moore. On the outside, two screens allow for more physical games like Dance Dance Revolution or Wii Sports.

Shel Moore and her son Nick play Mario Kart 8.


The idea began when Moore; her husband, Chris; her sister-in-law Amber; and Amber’s husband Josh Benner had a conversation about how hard it was to entertain their kids as they grew older.

A common interest in gaming gave the four the idea. Once they played the idea out, it took only a week for them to decide to convert a carpet trailer and outfit it with TV mounts, cabinets, seating and air conditioning. Work began in April, and by June, they had the permitting and licenses to operate.

“I’ve never seen a business put together this fast,” said Moore, who also runs a digital marketing firm.

They’ve done appearances at Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Co. during Art Hop,  and in July, Moore said bookings for the trailer enabled them to cover their expenses.


“We’ve been exploring potential for corporate events, and we’ve had some interest there,” said Moore. “I think it’s great for ribbon cuttings and grand openings.”

They can even adapt the screens for presentations, workshops or television-watch parties.

“We even watched the last season of Game of Thrones in the trailer, and that was pretty awesome,” Moore said.

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Gaming News

Apple To Offer Gaming Subscriptions




The Apple watch site, 9to5Mac. has reported that the tech giant is set to charge $4.99 per month for its Apple Arcade service, which is expected to launch this fall.

Apple announced Apple Arcade in March at a celebrity-filled event that included Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. The event was focused on showing off its TV+ platform. The aim is to drive more recurring revenue from online services.

The outlet has already received early access to the program, which was offered to the tech giant’s employees for a one-month free trial, followed by just 49 cents per month until the end of early access.

The pricing information regarding Apple Arcade was discovered in one of the APIs used by the App Store app, revealing that the program will cost users $4.99 per month, including a one-month free trial. 9to5Mac points out that since there has not been a formal announcement, the pricing could change.

Apple’s Arcade will reportedly include LEGO, Annapurna Interactive, Cartoon Network, Sega and exclusive titles. While some Wall Street watchers think the company can become a serious contender in the gaming market, it has to spend considerably to get there. In fact, sources have said that Apple is spending several million dollars on each of the more than 100 games it will feature in Arcade.

And the company isn’t the only tech giant entering this market. Earlier this month it was revealed that Google is in the testing stage for a monthly subscription that would give Android users something similar. The service, called Play Pass, would offer users access to premium apps and games for a monthly fee of $4.99. The apps would be free of ads and in-app purchases.

In contrast with Apple Arcade, Play Pass will also offer non-entertainment software free of ads and in-app purchases. It’s not known if Google’s service will be available on Android TV.


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