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Fortnite’s Team Rumble Is Now A Permanent Game Mode



Of all the big-name battle royales currently dominating the market, none other than Fortnite can boast the largest suite of playable modes. Despite entering service long after the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Epic Games quickly overtook its competitor by providing players of its stylized shooter with frequent content updates. Unsurprisingly, of course, Solos and Duos  – the genre’s bread and butter – still retain the highest player numbers on a daily basis but should fatigue set in (and it will), Fortnite always has an alternative at hand.

That change of pace comes in the form of Limited-Time modes, wacky, non-competitive playlists dedicated to changing the way in which Battle Island regulars approach gameplay. Whether it be shotgun and sniper-only modifiers or superpowered crossovers, the ever-changing nature of LTMs has been a massive boon to Fortnite‘s longevity, no doubt.

Such is the popularity of certain reoccurring events, however, that players have bemoaned their inevitable rotation out of play, eager to learn when Epic intends for them to return. Team Rumble is one such fan favourite and, lucky for you, it’s back. This time for good.

Delivering the good news on Reddit, Epic community manager DustyDevo confirmed that the aforementioned ruleset is now considered a default mode alongside other permanently available playlists. Rejoice!

For the uninitiated, Team Rumble involves pitting two teams of 20 players against each other in a match of elimination. Respawns are disabled, too, making for a much more traditional-feeling arcade shooter experience. The announcement will no doubt be music to the ears of many, especially those seeking the most efficient means to complete Battle Pass challenges.

A universally welcome decision, then, and one that could potentially be extended further afield, should this experiment prove successful. That being the case, feel free to let us know in the usual place below which long-forgotten Fortnite LTM you’d love to see be made a permanent addition.

Source: Epic Games (via Reddit)

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Whether you cut your teeth in the coin-op arcades, or with a 16-bit console, or are a complete newcomer to the golden age of gaming, there’s a wealth of ways to scratch that gaming itch these days.

A whole cottage industry has popped up for people wanting to play old games on their 4K TVs, with mini consoles from Sony, Sega and Nintendo all being released in the past couple of years, pre-loaded with classic games. And it’s easier than ever now to get a literal arcade machine for your home.

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