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Fandomfare Planeswalkers What is the Mastery System?



the July 2nd New update with the new Mastery system, Mastery set, Mastery pass is out what is this all about I’m sure many are asking today, this looks to be a new fun Platform in the MTG Arena game.

Fandomfare is Excited to try this out and can hardly wait to read the reviews of this new Mastery platform

Magic Arena The New Platform will be asI understand it both Free and pay with a mastery pass system here is how it works according to the MTGA forums

What is the Mastery System?

The Mastery System is a way for players to earn experience and unlock rewards by playing Magic: The Gathering Arena.

What’s the difference between “Account Mastery” and “Set Mastery”?

Players complete the Account Mastery system as part of the new player experience, which unlocks the 15 starter decks as well as certain cosmetics. With Core Set 2020, we’ve expanded this system to now include Set Mastery system which will be specific to to each new Standard set on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Does the Mastery System cost anything?

All players receive access to the Account Mastery and standard Set Mastery at no additional cost. Players can unlock additional rewards for the Set Mastery by purchasing a Mastery Pass.

Does the Mastery System ever reset?

The Account Mastery is part of our new player experience and may only be completed once. Your Set Mastery level and rewards will reset with the release of every new Standard set on MTG Arena.

update with the new Mastery system is out what is this all about I'm sure many are asking today, this looks to be a new fun Platform in the MTG Arena game.

Pay to Play is a good concept for some platforms I think its been our Experience those who have something invested take far more pride in the play on the platform

fandomfare merch store is live


How long is each Set Mastery available?

Set Masteries are available for the most recent Standard set, starting on the day the set is released and ending when the next set is released.

How do I earn rewards?

By playing! Every time you complete a daily quest, and for your first three daily wins you’ll receive experience points towards your current Mastery level. Additional XP may be available through special events or promotional items (such as codes). As you level up, you’ll receive rewards based on your current level.

What rewards can I earn?

All players can earn up to 36 booster packs from the most recent set, as well as 5 mastery orbs that can be used to unlock certain card styles. Additional rewards are available for players who have purchased a Mastery Pass.

What happens when a new set is released on MTG Arena?

When a new set is released on MTG Arena, a new Set Mastery reward track becomes available and your Set Mastery level is reset to 1.

Can I complete older Set Masteries?

There is currently no plans to allow players to complete Set Masteries for older sets. While you will keep any rewards you may have received from the previous Set Mastery, you will not be able to unlock any remaining rewards once the Set Mastery is no longer available.

What is the “Mastery Pass”? How is different than the Mastery System?

While all players have access to the base Mastery System, the Mastery Pass is an optional way for players to earn additional rewards through Set Mastery.

How much does the Mastery Pass cost?

The Mastery Pass can be purchased for 3,400 gems. Players can earn gems through rewards in certain events, or by purchasing them directly from the store.

What do I receive when I purchase the Mastery Pass?

All players who purchase the Mastery Pass will automatically receive the common Element Cat pet, as well as the Chandra, Flame’s Fury avatar and card sleeve. Additionally, you will receive all the Mastery Pass rewards based on your current level, including any rewards from earlier levels you have not received.

What else is included in Mastery Pass?

In addition to the common Element Cat pet and the Chandra, Flame’s Fury player avatar and card sleeve, the Mastery Pass includes additional rewards players can earn as the level up. These rewards include up to 20 additional boosters, 2000 gems, Uncommon and Rare versions of the Element Cat, 5000 gold, 20 card styles, premium card sleeves, and more. In short – a lot!

If I purchased a Mastery Pass, what happens when a new Set Mastery is released?

Each Mastery Pass is tied to a specific Set Mastery. Once a new Set Mastery is released, the older set (and it’s corresponding Mastery Pass) will no longer be available.

Last But not least for those with Question here is a List of FAQs already


What’s all included in the Set Mastery system?

The following rewards are available to all players to earn as part of the Set Mastery system:

  • x36 M20 booster packs
  • x5 Set Mastery Orbs (each can be redeemed for card styles on the Set Mastery Tree).

For players who purchase the Mastery Pass, the rewards they can earn are expanded to include:

  • The Elemental Cat, the Chandra, Flame’s Fury avatar, as Chandra Mastery Pass card sleeve
  • 20 booster packs (x5 GRN, x5 RNA, x5 WAR, x5 M20)
  • 2000 Gems
  • 5000 Gold
  • 20 Card Styles
  • 25 Set Mastery Orbs (each can be redeemed for card styles on the Set Mastery Tree)
  • 10 Mythic Rare ICRs
  • 5 Planeswalker Cards from the Core Set 2020 Planeswalker Decks
  • Uncommon and Rare Elemental Cat visual upgrades.
  • Exquisite Chandra Card Sleeve (Exquisite = Card Sleeve with VFX)

How many levels are there in the Core Set Mastery?

The Core Set Mastery goes up to Level 100. All players receive rewards through Level 72, while players with the Mastery Pass will receive rewards up to Level 100.

Why the difference?

Because we wanted all players to be able to receive the same number of rewards as they did from the Weekly Rewards, and we wanted players to do so at regular intervals (in the case of Core Set 2020, every other level). We didn’t want to add artificial space between player rewards just so we could say “all players receive rewards up to Level 100”.

Even if you don’t purchase the Mastery Pass, you can still gain experience and levels up to Level 100. Since the Mastery Pass gives rewards up to your current level, if you decide to purchase the Mastery Pass later you won’t be behind on XP or Levels. Whether you purchase the Mastery Pass at Level 1, Level 40, Level 73, whenever, you will receive all the rewards from the previous levels (up to your current Level) that you haven’t already received.

Is the XP needed to level linear or exponential (e.g. does it take more XP to go from Level 99 – 100 when compared to Level 1 – 2)

Linear. The amount of XP needed to advance from Level 1 – 2 is the same amount of XP needed to advance from Level 99 – 100.

How do I earn XP?

The primary way for players to earn XP is through Daily Quests (the same ones we have now, but with XP as an additional reward) as well as the your first three wins each day (again, added to the existing Daily Win rewards).

Wil there be any other ways to earn XP besides Daily Wins and/or Quests?

Beyond Daily Wins and Daily Quest rewards, we are planning for XP to be available through certain event rewards (such as future Chronicles) or from promotional items (such as codes).

What’s in the Core Set Mastery Tree?

The Core Set Mastery Tree has a variety of card styles from M20, ranging from Common to Mythic Rare. Like the new player Mastery Tree, there is a path for each of the five colors of mana, and an option for each of the color pairs.

The Set Mastery Orbs allows for players to pick which rewards they want the most first.

Will there be any other ways to earn Mastery Orbs for the Set Mastery Tree?

As of now, we only plan for Set Mastery Orbs to be available through the Set Mastery tracks.

How does this compare to the previous Weekly Rewards? / Does this mean players who don’t purchase a Mastery Pass will be receiving less?

To be as explicit as possible: We intend for players to be able to receive the same number of booster packs with the Set Mastery as they did from Weekly Rewards. We’ve also added the Set Mastery Orbs as an additional reward, but this did not impact how we calculated the number of booster packs.

The Mastery Pass does provide more rewards for players, but we’re not decreasing the amount of earnable rewards for players who decide not to purchase it.

Will there be a Set Mastery for every Magic: The Gathering set on MTG Arena?

We plan to provide a Set Mastery for each new Standard set released on MTG Arena.

Will you be making any changes to the Set Mastery system for future sets?

Speaking candidly… probably! This is a new system for us, and we know players are going to have feedback and suggestions once they get their hands on it. While we hope you enjoy what it already has to offer, we’re ready to go through some iterations to make sure the rewards and experience “feels right” for our players.


Fandomfare Planeswalkers What is the Mastery System? 6


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Fandomfare Planeswalkers What is the Mastery System? 6

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