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Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Amonkhet – Singleton Event



Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Amonkhet - Singleton Event 5

Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Amonkhet – Singleton Event here is is as Promised I can not guarantee in any way we can complete this today I have only played singleton formate a few times and the cards have changed a lot in the last weeks there is a huge imbalance in the game between the haves and have nots let give this a try.

This is it the Amonkhet – Singleton Event for Sunday Promised it has been a very good day for the first in a long time

fandomfare merch store is live

this has been a wild day for us by no means didn’t we ace this one in a row but we did finish we leveled up more got all the prie another pack of card an several other individual cards

Here we are Early in our Daily quest this to was more grat moment we haven’t seen in a long time at fandomfare gaming in the Arena

#MTGA #Amonkhet – #Singleton


Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Amonkhet - Singleton Event 6


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Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Amonkhet - Singleton Event 6

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Kings and Bucks to participate in prison basketball games





The Kings and Bucks will be the first NBA teams to participate in a series of basketball games at correctional facilities organized by the Represent Justice Campaign, Sacramento announced Thursday.

In the campaign’s Play for Justice initiative, the players will serve as honorary captains during an hour-long basketball game with NBA alumni, coaches and incarcerated individuals. The games will follow facilitated conversations with NBA players and coaches, incarcerated people and members of the Represent Justice Campaign, who are themselves formerly incarcerated.

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“The REPRESENT JUSTICE Campaign organized the Play for Justice initiative to advance the goals of uplifting narratives of hope and redemption, in order to break down stigmas associated with individuals—disproportionately people of color and the poor—who are impacted by the criminal justice system,” the Kings said in a statement.

According to The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears, the Kings will host the first Play for Justice event at a renovated outdoor court at an undisclosed Northern California prison on Thursday night. The Bucks will reportedly host an event later in December before the two teams put on an event together in Milwaukee on Feb. 10, 2020.

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