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Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Freelance Gig Marketplace Opening Soon at Communal



Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace will be opening soon in a category for Blockchain / Cryptocurrency, allowing small and medium sized businesses access to high levels of specialized services and/or support from blockchain and cryptocurrency experts at a reduced overall cost. If you can provided blockchain services in a gig format, we would like to grow with you. Let us support your work, especially if you can contribute to any of these key blockchain markets:

  • Blockchain Engineering
  • Blockchain  Developer
  • Blockchain Software Engineering
  • Blockchain Analyst
  • Blockchain Media Relations
  • Blockchain Backend expert
  • And more…
A blockchain, originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data (generally represented as a Merkle tree).

The world market for Blockchain is expected to see growth close to 69% worldwide (compound growth rate: CAGR). This is one of the fastest growing markets in our overall economy.

If you have an expertise with a professional background in blockchain that you could provide for small and medium sized business, and you want more to offer your services, this is an opportunity both for experts and small business who will need blockchain professional help. Your welcome to join in our aggressive growth!

We are providing an open low-cost market exchange 24/7 services (based in the United States) with a large and growing number of US business readers and around 2000 Business related Market Research articles per year, we would like to show the business community your services.

Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace (CMP) is know for it’s high professional level of ethics and services.  We bring superior track record of security, as well as the collecting and distributing of funds. We want to ensure the proper compensation is paid to both you and any other party, this hopefully provides a high level of satisfaction for both parties.  This allows you to dedicated more time and effort in your craft, so you could focus on providing a high level of gig services.

Fast Growing Communal News Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace

CMP will provide a constant flow of buyers! Our freelance gig service is integrated into Communal News, a news, market research  and blog site that is closing to providing one million visitors per year. In the last 3 months we added a whopping 300% increase in visitors.  We are witnessing robust growth in traffic already at out CMP site,  even before publicly launching our services, this growth in visitors is far faster at this stage than our very successful news website.  In time Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace will be fully embedded with Communal news offer a better more open and authentic services for our business viewers.

Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace

At Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace we believe we charge the lowest fee of any gig platform that provides a high level of complete services– at only 14%.  Most competitive services charge 20%. Our very open low-cost service allows you to split a savings of possibly over 40%– that’s money that a small business person (like you) might really enjoy.

Communal Freelance Gig Marketplace provides a full and open news service for you to announce to the US and World  Markets the gig service you provided,  we hope in time with our strong news and marketing we will provide the most transactions per gig provider.  If  over time we can achieve our aggressive goal of lowest total cost per transaction and most transaction per provider, our communal gig providers should become the most profitable on the internet.  Now that is a good goal!

Signing up today it takes about the same amount of time as a Craigslist add. Who knows, we in time could might significantly increase your living standard. So blockchain buyers and marketers…this is a new and growing opportunity for you and us. Hopefully we can both succeed together (communally!)– at a lower cost and with higher levels of online service.

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Cryptocurrency security isn’t totally anonymous. And that’s good.




Cryptocurrencies carry emerging theft and security risks. But there are steps institutions can take and encourage to adjust to a different type of fraud risk.

The best advice to prevent the loss of cryptocurrency is to protect user passwords and digital signatures as diligently as people protect other valuable confidential information.

Cryptocurrencies do carry protection as part of the model. Cryptocurrencies are small pieces of digital information that are recorded on a blockchain ledger and the information is cryptographically secured.

Chart: Cryptocurrencies seen as crime tools

In order to access the ledger and transfer ownership, you need to use the password linked with the public or private encryption key that is part of the digital signature associated with that account on the ledger that holds your cryptocurrency. If you have not got the right password you cannot access the ledger. If the encryption standard is based on a secure algorithm with a sufficiently long bit size, your digital signature cannot be hacked.

But someone might simply try to change the entry into the ledger by altering the ledger itself, replacing the correct ledger with a new copy that shows an entry where your cryptocurrency has been transferred to another account as though you had authorized the transfer with your digital signature.

This is where the security of blockchain technology comes to the rescue. The decentralized decision-making process (the consensus mechanism) for validating new copies of the ledger prevents unauthorized copies of the ledger from being accepted by the network validators (“miners”). Hence the use of digital signatures and the consensus mechanism protect cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin from double-spending.

However, someone may steal a password. They may hack a computer or the servers of the service provider that holds the digital wallet. By using the user’s digital signature, the hacker would transfer cryptocurrency to another account on the ledger and the transaction would be validated on the blockchain. The cryptocurrency would then be lost, as if someone had stolen cash in the analog world. There is no third-party intermediary like a bank or credit card company to correct the error. This immutability of the blockchain is the whole point of its security.

If the victim or firm can find the thief (i.e. the person who hacked the account or the person who holds the blockchain account where the cryptocurrency has been transferred to) then the victim or a representative can address the claim against them.

There is an advantage here over the analog cash world. On the internet everybody, including hackers, leaves digital traces. New recovery services have emerged that offer to track stolen cryptocurrencies by analyzing IP addresses and other types of traffic data that can lead to the hacker.

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