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BITCOIN IN CHINA! Mati Greenspan: China Embracing Blockchain | AIBC Summit



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Mati Greenspan shares his thoughts about the President of China openly embracing blockchain technology which is a watershed moment in history and foresees that NEO, as an established blockchain will inspire startups to build some new projects on it, soon.

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Tech News

The Gimbal App gives consumers more choice, privacy controls




Grit Daily News

Issues related to consumer privacy and location data have reached a boiling point, with national media and industry watchdogs calling for increased regulation. Instead of waiting for additional rules to fall under the pipeline, some tech companies are adopting a more proactive approach.

While the industry is awaiting the full implementation of the California Personal Data Protection Act (CCPA) to take effect later this year, mobile advertising, location solutions and data company Gimbal are actively working to become leaders in its field. consumer privacy. The company recently launched a mobile app called LocationChoices, which gives consumers more control over how their data is used. Gimbal is also building coalition with other industry players, which would provide participating suppliers with a way to systematically meet the requirements of individual consumer exemption options.

“Privacy has become a major issue – and a concern – for many Americans. They have been affected by data breaches and have seen what can happen when information about them gets into the wrong hands. The media recently put collecting and using consumer data properly and there are countless articles on what can go wrong, “says Gimbal Chief Operating Officer Matthew Russo. “Although most organizations in our area think very deeply about the implications of processing and using such sensitive data and have created safeguards to protect against these breaches, we felt that there was an opportunity to give consumers more options.”

Gimbal’s new LocationChoices application provides a more flexible framework for excluding use cases where location data is transmitted to external parties, even if such organizations have contractual rights to use the data. Current rejection information is usually buried in a sea of ​​long privacy policies. With LocationChoices, consumers have a simple way of blocking the delivery of any information that is not comfortable. Russo believes that LocationChoices will make it easier for consumers to exercise their rights under the CCPA.

At the back, LocationChoices was built in a way that creates a master blacklist of devices for those consumers who do not want their location data to be shared or used by third parties. The list can be obtained from participating technology partners.

“We believe much of the concern, and therefore demand for a tool like this, has been created due to a poorly designed user experience. The harder it is to do something – think about the last time you tried to cancel your subscription – No one wants to read a dozen legal documents and then make separate requests for exemptions for applications, trademarks or publishers that may have a contractual right to share or sell their data, “says Russo. “Facilitating a traditionally complex process allows people to implement their desires.”

While the LocationChoices app is designed for consumer use, Russo says the benefits of a product of this type extend to Gimbal’s business customers. For example, app publishers who monetize their sales through data sales are likely to find that LocationChoices makes it easier to comply with new regulations. When app users click on a single “Do Not Use” button, they are added to a digital directory that is honored by all Gimbal coalition partners. The functionality of apps by first-party developers will remain intact unless a user decides to turn off location-level location services.

The Gimbal app could also help advertisers. For example, advertisers will be able to find out when a consumer is blocking their information from being sold by an app publisher or developer. This information would be useful to advertisers who want to prevent accidental use of this downstream data.

“LocationChoices reduces responsibility for brands and advertisers by providing an extra level of compliance – both directly and in the long run,” says Russo.

Gimbal’s long game goes far beyond the launch of a single consumer-facing mobile app. And while the company’s interest in privacy may seem to run counter to its business model, Russo says he is confident that greater transparency is the only way forward.

“In the medium and long term, we want to transfer this application and privacy framework to a neutral organization such as MMA or DAA. The goal was not to build a solution for Gimbal alone,” says Russo. “Now that the app is widely available, we are excited to partner with our peers and ensure that as many consumers as possible are protected.”

The Gimbal App article gives consumers more choice, Stephanie Miles’ privacy checks first appeared on Street Fight Magazine.

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