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Bitcoin (BTC) Falls by More than $200 over 7 Hours; May close Near $11,520



  • Bitcoin has shown five huge price variations in the last 7 hours.
  • The closing price may get as high as 11,520 USD.

Bitcoin’s latest growth has attracted a huge number of speculators and short-term traders. The unprecedented ups and downs have given huge space and opportunities of the short-term traders to make returns. Here is an analysis of Bitcoin’s price movement in the last 7 hours to educate the traders about the price trend and possible price trend. The coin has shown huge price variations in these seven hours, but the short-term outlook stays bullish for Bitcoin. Let us look at the current details of the coin.

BTC Price Statistics-

Bitcoin Price Chart - 3 July
Bitcoin Price Chart
Bitcoin (BTC) 03rd July 09:31 UTC
Rank 1st
ROI (Return on Investment) 8,077.90%
Coin Circulation 17,795,075 BTC
Market Cap 196,903,334,484 USD
Value in USD 11,100 USD
All-Time High 20,089 USD
24h Volume 31,162,387,167 USD

BTC to USD Price Comparison-

Bitcoin has shown five major price swings in these seven hours. The first swing is a fall of 1.87% in which the coin lost 211.80 USD. It was followed by a slight increment of 279 USD or 2.51% over the next 1 hour and 3 minutes. Then again between 04:59 UTC and 05:33 UTC, the coin gained a whopping 2.74% or 308 USD, and after this hike, the coin fell down by 2% losing 231 USD. The latest swing was an abrupt and steep fall of 4.29% and the coin lost 492 USD during this fall, which lasted about almost 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Bitcoin Price Comparison-

As per our prediction, Bitcoin is likely to have a bullish short-term price movement. The coin may reach 11,520 USD by the time Bitcoin closes for the day.


Investors need to trade cautiously, keeping the probable closing price in mind. Bitcoin is likely to show much more volatility in the market in the coming times.

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Crypto News

Travala’s Partnership with NEM Leads to 20% Surge Of Cryptocurrency




Recently, the entirety of the crypto market seemed to be taking it easy, with most forms of crypto going down slightly or continuing their respective consolidations. Most of them are just slightly in the red, thanks to the overall crypto market capitalization having shrunk by about $6 billion.

Climbing 20% And Serving As Best Performer In Top 40

NEM, however, has enjoyed a substantial boost, serving as the top-performing cryptocurrency yesterday within the top-forty list. While the slight gains are rather minor, any form of profits is excellent news in today’s crypto market.

While NEM’s coin suffered a low of 420 Satoshis, or about $0.036, on Monday, the token, developed for smart-asset high performance, enjoyed a 20% climb. This caused the coin to plateau at around 505 Satoshis, or about $0.043, for today. At the time of writing, the NEM has pulled back, standing at the 476 Satoshi, or $0.041, mark. NEM enjoyed a rise in market cap, climbing up to $380 million. With this, NEM enters the top-thirty in the world’s cryptocurrencies, standing just ahead of the VeChain coin.

Boost Thanks To Positive Sentiment

The reason for this enormous amount of positive sentiment comes primarily from the announcement regarding NEM’s partnership with one of the world’s leading travel firms. With this announcement, Travala declared that it would integrate NEM’s XEM coin into its list of 20 other forms of crypto that the hotel booking platform supports through its services.

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

Travala serves as one of the leading accommodation booking services that incorporate a crypto-friendly business model. It lists over 2 million properties stretched across 230 countries. Travala had created an event to celebrate the inclusion of NEM. The platform is currently offering a discount of up to 40% when users book accommodations on its platform by way of the coin as payment.

The Mandatory Kind Words

As one would imagine, the two respective heads of these companies had the mandatory kind words to express to each other about this new development. Matt Lyczynski, the Chief Executive officer of Travala, gave the usual. He explained that Travala, as a whole, was delighted to incorporate NEM as one of its certified Travel partners. He expressed anticipation from Travala’s front to have the holders of XEM join their community of crypto travel booking

Alex Tinsman, the CEO of NEM, gave similar praise to his new business partner. He explained that Travala has been supporting the crypto community for some time now. Thus, Tinsman considers Travala an advocate for crypto and blockchain’s widespread adoption. He stated that NEM was eager for the partnership, saying it will further their respective goals.

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