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Best Android Spy Software to Catch Cheating Spouse!



Best Android Spy Software to Catch Cheating Spouse!

It has become quite easier to cheat on your spouse with the invention of various mobile phones, online services, and dating apps. Nowadays, the cheater does not have to coordinate with the partner to meet with the third person. Gone are the days, when the cheating partner has to dial the landline number or book a room in a hotel, to spend with someone other than his or her partner. All you need today is just a smartphone with some applications, and you can continue with your secret meeting. But, there is always a two-sided story. If the ways of cheating on your spouse has become advanced, there are several other ways to find the cheater as well.

Though there are various ways to remove the call log, the chat messages, the phone numbers, and the emails, you can track whether your spouse is cheating or not through the spy software. Read the post to know how-

  1. Use Of Full-Fledged Spy Software

One of the most efficient yet dangerous ways to track the activities of your spouse is to install the spy software in the smart phone of your partner. With the help of this spy software, you can able to track everything going inside the phone. Once you install the spy software in the smartphone of your partner, you will get access to everything. You can have access to the text messages, GPS location, and call logs. This can be effective to check the loyalty of your spouse.

  1. Record their conversations

If you want to make use of old-fashioned technique, you can download the free apps for your partner’s smartphone that will be the sound recorder throughout the night. Find out the sound recorder that will have the standby mode and keep your phone near to the spouse phone. It will help to record all the conversations. To know more about how to find whether your spouse is cheating or not, keep on reading- How to catch a cheater with 10 cell phone spy app tricks.

  1. Check the activities in Cloud

Though many people do not know the concept of cloud storage, it is one of the simplest ways to upload all your personal photos and selfies to the cloud server and then you can easily remove them from your computer. The cheater will feel that he or she will not get caught as there is nothing left on the computer. The cloud storage can be sync with other decisions. It will help you to check the loyalty of your spouse.

  1. Sudden gift and birthdays

When you find your partner buying new gifts or birthday gifts, this means that your spouse is cheating on you and he or she is celebrating the special occasions of that individual.

  1. Make use of camera surveillance

If you want to check the activities of your spouse, you should install the surveillance camera. It can be easily controlled by your device. You can easily find out the person whom your spouse is bringing home.

To catch a cheating spouse, you should go through this post to know about the various ways to get hold of your spouse who is cheating.



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The October Update For Unlocked US Samsung Galaxy S10 Lacked Features The Rest Of The World Got




Samsung has just released the October security update for its unlocked versions of the Galaxy S10 in the US. Allegedly, the update has left North American customers unsatisfied because it comes with no new features.

In the same way, the US October update for the Galaxy Note 10 lacked new features that the same smartphones in other regions of the world received in the last couple of weeks.

For instance, the Exynos version of Galaxy​ Note 10 sold all over the world except in the US has gotten the September and October updates in an interval of time of two weeks. Even so, the unlocked versions of the device in the US did not receive the features that its counterparts all over the world got in September and also October with the updates. 

What Were The Features Excluded For US Customers?

Some features the Galaxy​ smartphones all over the world got were with regards to the camera. A Reddit post says that the most recent update for the unlocked device in the US lacked AR Doodle or Live Focus, whilst the global counterparts did not. Reports from North American customers suggest that they are specific to the Galaxy​ Note device and that they might have never been incorporated due to security reasons.

How To Get The October Update

Owners of the unlocked Galaxy​ S10, ​Galaxy​ S10 Plus or Galaxy​ S10e smartphones can download the most recent update on their handsets using two different methods.

The first way is to go in for over-the-air (OTA) update, by navigating to ‘Settings,’ and choose the ‘Software Update’ option on their devices. The software version is dubbed ‘G97*U1UES2BSIC​,’ and it has a size of 192MB.

The other method to get the October update on your device is to use the company’s firmware that is displayed in their firmware archive.

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