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A Review On Revue Starlight RE LIVE [JP]



Hi, everyone. It’s DarkCrossZX here and I’m here to tell you about Revue Starlight RE LIVE and what I think of the game overall. I hope this review will give you a view of what this game is like. I will mainly go by the JP version so with that, let’s jump right into it.

What is Revue Starlight RE LIVE?

Revue Starlight RE LIVE is an adventure RPG turn-based mobile game that was developed by ATeam Inc. It’s a mobile game adaptation of the anime titled Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight which was released in Summer 2018. The game takes place after the events of the anime series. The story involves 4 music schools; Seisho Music Academy, Frontier School Of Arts, Rinmeikan Girls School, and Siegfeld Music Institute.


It’s an intriguing story, answering the questions posed by the narrative creating a satisfying experience. You will find funny moments between the characters, a wealth of character development, jam-packed with action from the sheer number of story encounters. It is entertaining to see the Stage Girls from all schools interact and speak with each other. In the future, more story content will be added. The usage of Live 2D animation gives the Stage Girls movement and life as they speak and laugh with each other. It is worth noting that the audio and the subtitles in the story are in Japanese so players would need to understand what they are saying to understand the story.


Displayed in the first picture is the health of both the Stage Girls and the enemies along with their Climax Gauge and attribute. Aside from that, there is an auto-play toggle, 2x play, turn limit which are located at the bottom-right, also a wave number, and reward drops on the top left portion.

One thing you will notice about the appearance of the gameplay is that it looks similar to Fate Grand Order. One evidence to support is that there is the Attribute Chart (look at the 2nd picture) which is similar to Fate Grand Order’s Class Affinity chart, explaining what attribute is one attribute strong against, much like how Fate Grand Order’s Class Affinity chart explains what Servant class is one Servant class strong against and weak against. Aside from that, there is the deck mechanic. In Fate Grand Order, players are given a deck of 15-cards containing 5 cards of each of the three Servants in the front line. In Revue Starlight RE LIVE however, that number is based on how many members are there in the party. If there is 3 members, the pool will consist of 15 cards, 25 if there is 5 members which is the maximum number of members a party can hold.

Players are given 5 cards of the characters in their party. They are allowed to play as many of the 5 cards as they want but the total cost must not exceed the maximum AP cost of 6. Once the cards of both sides have been put in play, the turn will resolve in order of who goes first as displayed in the third picture. Displayed in the second picture are the cards of a specific character, along with their attribute, cost, and type of attack. If two cards are to resolve, the one who has a higher speed stat will go first.

When the Climax Gauge is full, players can go into a Climax Revue where not only does their Revue Song play, granting effects like damage boost, taken damage reduction, defense, etc, but the Stage Girls can do their Climax Act which is an ultimate skill (kinda like Fate Grand Order’s Noble Phantasms). When two or more Stage Girls of the same attribute uses their Climax Act in a Climax Revue, there will be what is called a Finishing Act, which will deal damage to the enemy party.

Below is what a Climax Revue looks like in gameplay:

The music consists of all the insert songs from the anime series, albums, and in-game events. The music is very epic and harmonious with the use of melodies and various instruments including the violin, piano, and drums. Songs like Starlight (スタァライト), The Bond Of The Stars (星々の絆), RE:CREATE, and Until The World Is Turned To Ash (世界を灰にするまで ) are examples to show this. The full version of all the songs in the game are worth giving a listen to. Chances are that you will find at least one of them a very fine song.


The Stage Girl menu
A Stage Girl’s profile

The Stage Girl page contains all the Stage Girls that you have collected along the way. Each Stage Girl has a profile containing info such as their overall power, auto and passive skills, HP, Act Power, Speed, Rank, Bond Level, etc. One cool thing that players can do is view their 3D sprite, audio lines, and the beautiful full art of the cards.

Players are allowed to enhance their Stage Girls in many ways such as giving Lesson Tickets to raise their level, spending resources on their skill panel for bonus stats and increase in rank, increasing their level limit and stars by giving Stones of Creation, giving gifts for bonus rewards and rolling duplicate copies of a Stage Girl to increase their Unit Skill level.


The main menu page feels very welcoming and heartwarming. It is like coming home from somewhere to see your favourite characters greeting you as the Stage Girls talk to you every time you would enter the main menu page. They wish you good morning, wish other Stage Girls a happy birthday and they even have lines for good night. If you like listening to your favourite Stage Girls talk to you, this will be your wet dream. On top of that, you can switch between a Live 2D display or a full art display of the Stage Girls you collected. I love it when players are given these kinds of choices as it makes the experience very interactive.

Another nice feature is the My Theatre feature. The My Theatre feature allows players to create their own theatre and adorn it with decorations like tables, chairs, and such. Players can also collect coins, tickets and gifts every day. There are side stories that players can read to gain Stamina which allows them to do more battles.


The Gacha rates in this game is not very forgiving with a 1.2% chance to get a 4-star Stage Girl and 3.6% chance to get a 3-star Stage Girl. However, the banner does have the usual guaranteed 1 3-star to be pulled in a 10-pull. Aside from the Stage Girls, there is also Memoirs. They work similarly to Fate Grand Order’s Craft Essences, giving the wearer bonus stats and granting bonus effects upon entering the battle with the memoir equipped.

One thing worth pointing out is that they tend to do different things with their gacha banners like step-up gacha, double the chance of a 4-star pull, reduced Stargem cost for first 10-pull, free 3-pulls and such. They sometimes guarantee stuff too so that is a good step in having more things to work with when it comes to making gacha banners. The gacha pool does get wider with every event so most of the Stage Girls and Memoirs are non-limited.


Overall, Revue Starlight RE LIVE is a very solid gacha game who are familiar with games adapted from Bushiroad’s anime franchises like Love Live, Bang Dream, Idolmaster, and such. With a story serving as the anime’s continuation, a voiceover by a well known Japanese voice cast with names like Suzuko Mimori, Sato Hinata, and Kenjiro Tsuda, stunning visuals and music, Revue Starlight RE LIVE has proven itself to be a gacha game that is going all out and strong.

The JP version of the game can be downloaded via third party gaming platforms like QooApp, APKs, or the Japanese IOS and Android App store which requires you to use a Japanese google account to gain access to said app store. There is also a global version of the game that can be downloaded via the Android & IOS app store.

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retrieved 20 August 2019

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